"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

Steve Jobs

  • Juan Jardim


    Hi, my name is Juan Jardim and I am a software engenering working at the new NOS company, old ZON.

    First, I want to thank you for your visit and any feedback that you can give me in order to improve my skills.

    Secondly, I want you to know that in this site you will find information about my work, experiences and what I like in a professional level.

    Finally, I hope you have fun and enjoy this site.

  • NOS

    On October the 2nd, 2013 the fusion between ZON and Optimus was achieved and a new company were born. In May 2014 this company starts a new era as NOS where ours clients has a many advantages in terms of Television, Voice, Internet and Mobile.

    I started working as a programer, at Zon Madeira in 2012 until the present day. Now this company is called NOS Madeira. In this company I have been developing different skills in terms of Web programing and Web Design. Here, I learned and worked with:

    Zend Framework
  • UMA

    Since 2011 I've been giving pratical lectures of the Computer Architecture course as a Guest Professor at University of Madeira. In this course, we propose three projects to the students:

    The first project is about building their own CPU in VHDL and then use the FPGAs to simulate a very simple program using this CPU.

    In the second project, the students have to resolve a problem using Assembly language. For example a ticket system for a movie theater.

    And in the third project, the students have to build a system, using electronics components such as leds, microcontrollers, etc. to solve a problem. Then they have to make a program in Assembly and C in order to achieve their goals.

  • M-ITI

    At the end of 2011 I started My Thesis in the field of visualizations and Programing at MITI. The focus of my these was about how can we use visualization techniques in order to improve the knowledge about our model (UML, HAM, etc).

    After this, I started working at M-ITI as a Research Assistant in the Zon Service Engineering project, where I developed tools to supports models like UML and afterwards developing a proof concept of an application to support interactivity in a soccer game.

    The main idea of this App was to give the user the opportunity of going back in the game and see the best moments, or see only the goals that occurred in the game, among other cool things. The technologies used were: HTML5 and Jquery for the browser and television Application, for the backend: Java and REST, and Objective-C for the IPad App.


In the pas few year I've learning a lot of programing languages and framework such as:


I've been learning HTML and CSS from the high school and at NOS Madeira I've been deepening and learning new concepts about these technologies.

Jascript & JQuery

I've started to work with JQuery and Javascript at college when my team elaborate a blog manager that we called UMa blog.

Zend Framework 1 & 2

I started learning ZF1 at NOS Madeira, it was the first time that I used a framework like this one and recently I've been learning ZF2 for a new project.


I also learned to work with this framework at NOS Madeira, because we needed an standardization for our internal layout of the tools that we are developing.


For several project, that I'm responsible for, We needed a MVC in the client side for better code organization, so I learned how to use Ember in order to achieve this, since the early stage of Ember.


I learned Node because we needed to create a system that could update the clients with real time data, one way to do that is using a publish/subscribe approach.


Because I work with WebServices the data that some WS returned is in JSON format.


Most of the WebServices in php that we created uses SOAP technology but I had already worked with REST at M-ITI.


SQL languages are important for almost any application on software. I started working with MySql at college and NOS Madeira. I have already worked with MSSQL and Oracle Databases.


I learned Assembly at college and I lectured this programing language at Madeira University.


This is another programing language that I learned at college and I lectured at Madeira University.


I learned WPF in order to create a proof concept of my thesis about model visualization.


Angular its a MVC framework, more or less similar with EmberJS that it been growing in the last year.


I learned SASS in the current year (2014) in order to update some of the project that I developed.

In the next years, I would learn: